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Our Services & Process

Every space we design is built on the connections we foster with each client as we channel their unique lifestyle, needs, and aspirations.

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Full Service Interior Design

Our interior design services are comprehensive, accounting for every surface of your home's interior. We collaborate closely with clients to curate a collection of furnishings, fixtures, materials, and accessories that add function and beauty to their space. We select, source, and install each element for a truly turnkey experience. The end result is a home that is timeless, refined, and deeply personal.

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New Construction and Remodels

For clients renovating or building from the ground up, we offer more extensive services. These homeowners will receive the same attention to detail as our full-service clients as we partner with contractors, builders, and tradespeople to see their home project through to completion. We will select all materials and finishes, as well as furnishings, to create a home that is cohesive and highly customized.

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Our Portfolio

The Process


- Inquiry

- Consultation

- Scope Evaluation

- Contract

- Retainer




- Floorplans & Elevations


- Design Presentation


- Sourcing

- Budget Review

- Proposal

- Purchase Agreement

- Merchandise Payment

- Ordering

- Lead Time Assessment


- Construction Begins

- Liaise with Trades

- Project Management

- Orders Received

- Deficiencies Walk Through

- Resolution of Deficiencies


- Furniture Installation

- Client Styling

- Farewell

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