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Lynae & Leann

LMOH is a boutique residential design firm based in Mesa, AZ, with sisters Lynae Parrott and Leann Waisath at the helm. Their signature style is best described as functional luxury—put simply, homes that feel as good as they look. Their process is a thoughtful and seamless experience by which they hone in on the distinct rhythms and values that reflect their clients' lifestyles. They then translate that into a space that embodies their essence in a way that is timeless, distinctive, and unexpectedly practical. 

Lynae and Leann bring a combined total of over 35 years of design expertise into each home they design. The sisters had the opportunity to work together as Design Innovators in a corporate environment for more than 18 years. That experience deepened their understanding of how to make the conceptual tangible and allowed them to cultivate an undeniable synergy by which they leverage one another's strengths. They channel their unique relationship to design homes that juxtapose livability and aesthetic in innovate and meaningful ways. 

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Hours Of Operation

Monday - Friday

9 am - 4pm

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